Subscription or Trade Documents

TransactAPI can be leveraged to manage the subscription document signing process. This can be handled in two different ways. The first way is through our simple DocuSign integration which allows you to connect your DocuSign account to TransactAPI and have it automatically sent out and pre-populated with pre-provided data. Please see the workflow below. Alternatively, if you are utilizing another solution or having documents physically signed, you can upload the documents to the trade record using the “uploadTradeDocuments”.

DocuSign Integrated Subscription Documents

By using the DocuSign integration on your platform, you are able to send pre-populated subscription documents to your investors for electronic signature. Once signed and returned, the documents will be stored in the system for future reference.

This can be done in a few easy steps:

  1. Link your Business Pro DocuSign account via your TransactAPI portal.
  2. Add your DocuSign template to your offering using the (addSubscriptionsforOffering) API method
  3. After performing createTrade API, you would call sendSubscriptionDocument API method. This will send ABC Subscription documents to Jane Smith via DocuSign email for electronic signature.

The following webhook can be used to trigger a notification when the customer signs the DocuSign.





Uploading Trade Documents

Uploading trade documents can be used for a variety of reasons. First, if you have documents that need to be seen and/or signed by your investor, that are not the subscription documents, uploadTradeDocument API will service these needs. Alternatively you may not want to utilize the DocuSign integration for sending and receiving trade documents. Using the services of a different 3rd party e-signature provider may be desired. Linking documents to the trade ID with this method can be utilized.

After creating the trade (link) you will upload the trade documents (uploadTradeDocument)



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