Administrative View

Sensitive admin portal information such as developer API keys, the Audit Log and ability to add new users reside here.

The Administrative page contains sensitive admin portal information including developer API keys, the Audit Log, and is the location to create new user accounts. Access to the features of this page can be granted or revoked at any time by editing individual client user permissions. More information on how to do this can be found HERE.

Developers can find dev keys from this view. To do this from the Dashboard page of TransactAPI, navigate to the Administrative view. On this page, all of the current developer keys are listed. By clicking on the hyperlink associated with each key, overview information and specific permissions assigned to that key can be viewed and edited.

Note: Only admin with account owner status are able to access API keys. If API keys are not available through the above method, please contact the account administrator to ensure the account being utilized is established as an account owner.