Investor Refunds and Returns

When funds arrive in escrow, there is manual oversight of the escrow accounts as required per the terms of the escrow agreement. As such, there are two common workflows that are utilized to initiate an investor return of funds (and cancelation of investment):

  1. The easiest way to cancel and investment AND trigger a return of funds is utilizing the cancelInvestment method. This will cancel the trade and submit a request to North Capital’s escrow team to return the funds to the investor - no further tech integration steps are required. You will know this is complete when the trade status = Unwind Settled (meaning return of funds were required) or Canceled (no funds need to be returned so the trade is just canceled).
  2. In cases where investor returns are rare and may not warrant building out a technical integration to support, we recommend handling the returns manually. You may login to the TransactAPI Dashboard, and select Request Return under Trades, and submit a return request for the funded trade.