Investor Onboarding Overview

Now that you have set up your offering, it is time to onboard your investors so they can invest (also known as “subscribe”) to your offering.

There are 3 key components in setting up an investor from a data structure perspective; creating a party, creating an account, and creating a link between the two.

  • The party refers to an actual individual and will require a real person’s information. This is also the data object in which automated KYC/AML checks are performed. More information on KYC/AML verification can be found here.
  • The account identifies the form of ownership for the investment, such as “Jane Smith” “Jane and John Smith JWROS” or “Smith Family Trust”
  • The link is what associates the data objects together - e.g. linking John Smith (party) to his Smith Family Trust account.

The Webhooks below can be utilized for verification of successful creation.

The following pages will walk you through examples of onboarding different investor types.