This method is used to create a trade/investment for an offering. This requires Account ID and the total number of units/shares to be purchased by the account. Creating a trade represents the intention to invest and does NOT initiate any sort of fund move. To initiate an ACH transfer for a trade, you will need to use the externalFundMove method.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
offeringIdyesstringOffering ID that is generated by the API when an offering is created (createOffering)
accountIdyesstringAccount ID of the account that is investing (this account should have one primary party)
transactionTypeyesstringTransaction Type as ACH / WIRE / CHECK / CREDITCARD / TBD / IRA
transactionUnitsyesstringNumber of units/shares to be purchased
createdIpAddressyesstringRequested IP Address
field1nostringAdditional information relating to the trade. Custom Field 1
field2nostringAdditional information relating to the trade. Custom Field 2
field3nostringAdditional information relating to the trade. Custom Field 3
RRApprovalStatusnostring"Pending", "Approved", "Disapproved", or "Under Review"
RRNamenostringSome Text
RRApprovalDatenostringApproval Date eg: MM-DD-YYYY
PrincipalApprovalStatusnostring"Pending", "Approved", "Disapproved", or "Under Review"
PrincipalNamenostringSome Text
PrincipalDatenostringPrincipal Date eg: MM-DD-YYYY

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d offeringId=55591
-d accountId=A12345
-d transactionType=ACH
-d transactionUnits=20.35
-d field1= additional information1
-d field2= additional information2
-d field3= additional information3
-d RRApprovalStatus= Pending
-d RRName= Some text
-d RRApprovalDate= Approval Date
-d PrincipalApprovalStatus= Pending
-d PrincipalName= Some text
-d PrincipalDate= Principal Date
-d createdIpAddress=
-d closeId=closeId

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
purchaseDetailsstringReturns an array of purchase details with transactionId, transactionAmount, transactionDate, transactionStatus

Sample Response

	"statusCode": "101",
	"statusDesc": "Ok",
	"purchaseDetails": [
		true, [{
			"tradeId": "1001342830",
			"transactionId": "476693475244",
			"transactionAmount": "2500.55",
			"transactionDate": "2014-12-09 04:29:29",
			"transactionStatus": "CREATED",
      "RRApprovalStatus": "Pending",
      "RRName": "Test",
      "RRApprovalDate": "09-10-2019",
      "PrincipalApprovalStatus": "Pending",
      "PrincipalName": "Test",
      "PrincipalDate": "09-10-2019",
      "closeId": null,
      "eligibleToClose": "no"

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