This method is used to upload a document to a particular account (createAccount). The Account ID is required as a request parameter for this method. Files cannot be larger than 100 MB.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
accountIdyesstringAccount ID that is generated by the API once an account is created (createAccount)
documentTitleyesstringTitle/label for the uploaded document. Please use prefix "documentTitle0=" in the value of documentTitle field.
file_nameyesstringUploaded document file name. Please use prefix "filename0=" in the value of file_name field
userfile0yesstringPDF, jpg, and png files are supported. While uploading the files, please provide a temporary file name. Prefix @ on the file name. Eg : @/tmp/phpAHi2ZC Request parameter should be userfile0 for documents upload. Please Refer to Sample Request set below.
createdIpAddressnostringRequested IP Address

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST https://api-sandboxdash.norcapsecurities.com/tapiv3/index.php/v3/uploadAccountDocument
-d clientID=someclientid
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d accountId=A12345
-d documentTitle=test
-d file_name=Uploaded file name
-d userfile0=@/tmp/phpAHi2ZC
-d createdIpAddress=

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
document_detailsstringDocument has been uploaded successfully

Sample Response

  "statusCode": "101",
  "statusDesc": "Ok",
  "document_details": "Document has been uploaded Successfully"

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