This method is used to create an issuer account. You will need to specify the Issuer ID(createIssuer) as a request parameter to create the issuer account information. This endpoint is optional for information storage purposes and has no other function.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
issuerIdyesintegerIssuer ID that is generated by the API when an Issuer is created(createIssuer)
accountTypenostringType of account - CHECKING or SAVINGS
companyNameyesstringLegal name of the company
companyStateyesstringCompany's state of registration (Use two-letter state abbreviation)
entityTypenostringEntity Type ( LLC, LP, Corp, GP, Soleprop )
companyTaxIDnointegerCompany's employer tax ID, 9 digits with no hyphens
accountMiddleInitialnostringThe Issuer's middle initial
socialSecurityNumbernostringThe Issuer's SSN xxx-xx-xxxx
dobnostringThe Issuer's DOB (MM-DD-YYYY)
residentUSnoconditionalYes or No. Is the issuer a U.S. resident?
citizenUSnoconditionalYes or No. Is the issuer a U.S. citizen?
addressline1nostringThe Issuer's physical address, line 1
addressline2nostringThe Issuer's physical address, line 2
citynostringThe city of the Issuer's physical address
zipnostringThe zip code of the Issuer's physical address
countrynostringThe country of the Issuer's physical address
additionalInfonostringAdditional information regarding to the Issuer
createdIpAddressyesstringRequested IP Address
issuingCountryyesstringThe Issuer's physical address, issuing country

Sample Request

curl -k -X PUT
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d issuerId=652683
-d accountType=Checking
-d companyName=Ephron
-d companyState=GA
-d entityType=gp
-d companyTaxID=112-22-3333
-d accountMiddleInitial=R
-d socialSecurityNumber=112-22-3333
-d dob=1987-05-05
-d residentUS=yes
-d citizenUS=yes
-d addressline1=222333 PEACHTREE PLACE
-d addressline2=SUITE 43
-d city=ATLANTA
-d zip=30318
-d country=GA
-d issuingCountry=GA
-d additionalInfo=Text
-d createdIpAddress=

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
Financial Issuer DetailsstringReturns an array of issuer details ( issuerId, companyName, companyState, companyTaxID, entityType, issuingCountry, accountType, accountMiddleInitial, socialSecurityNumber, dob, residentUS, citizenUS, addressLine1, addressLine2, city, zip, country, additionalInfo, issuerStatus, createdDate, createdIpAddress )

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "101",
    "statusDesc": "Ok",
    "Financial issuer details": {
        "1": [
                "issuerId": "882512",
                "companyName": "US private limited",
                "companyState": "CA",
                "companyTaxID": "65896546654",
                "entityType": "llc",
                "issuingCountry": "USA",
                "accountType": "Saving",
                "accountMiddleInitial": "M",
                "socialSecurityNumber": "112-22-3333",
                "dob": "02-28-1975",
                "residentUS": "yes",
                "citizenUS": "yes",
                "addressLine1": "PEACH TREE",
                "addressLine2": "1st street",
                "city": "ATLANTA",
                "zip": "30318",
                "country": "USA",
                "additionalInfo": "Private concern",
                "issuerStatus": "Pending",
                "createdDate": "2014-11-26 04:05:50",
                "createdIpAddress": ""

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