This method is used to link an account (createAccount) to a party (either individual or entity) or to another account.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringClient ID associated with this request
developerAPIKeyyesstringAPI key used to validate this request
firstEntryTypeyesenumThe first entry type for createLink is an account. "Account" is the only valid value for this parameter. (String enumeration)
firstEntryyesstringAccount ID to be linked to an entity, individual party, or account
relatedEntryTypeyesenumThe type of the resource to be linked to the account. Valid enumerated string values are: "Account", "IndivACParty", or "EntityACParty"
relatedEntryyesstringResource ID of the related entry, to be linked to the first entry
linkTypeyesenumDescribes the relationship between the target account and the linked resource. Note: if you want the party/entity to be sent documents through Docusign as the secondary party, you must use the value 'secondary'.

Valid enumerated string values are: "owner", "secondary", "manager", "member", "officer", "director", "spouse", "beneficiary", "trustee", "custodian", "parentco", "subsidiary", "other", "acgroup", "advisor", "attorney", "proxy"
notesnostringAdditional user defined information related to this link
primary_valueyesintIndicates that the party linked to this account will be the one to receive subscription documents. 1 = primary, 0 = not primary. There may only be one primary party per account (firstEntry). The relatedEntry must be an "IndivACParty".

Sample Request

curl -k -X PUT
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d firstEntryType=Account
-d firstEntry=A56465
-d relatedEntryType=IndivACParty
-d relatedEntry=P12345
-d primary_value=0
-d linkType=member
-d notes=Notes

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
linkIdintegerUnique identifier code for the link

Sample Response

  "statusCode": "101",
  "statusDesc": "Ok",
  "linkDetails": [
        "id": "11"


HTTP response codeTAPI error codeCondition
404103Invalid authorization parameters
404110Not permitted to access the resource
404111Not authorized to invoke method
404206A primary party already exists for this account
4001400Cannot create a link to self (account to account)
4001400Link already exists
4001400Missing request parameter
4041404First entry does not exist
4041404Second entry does not exist
4221422Invalid first entry type
4221422Invalid related entry type
4221422Invalid link type
4221422Invalid primary party link definition

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