This method is used to search all individual parties for a specific keyword within the party information and will return all matches for that keyword.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
searchKeywordyesstringKeyword to search within all parties

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
-d clientID=someclientid
-d searchKeyword=P45332

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
partyDetailsstringArray of party includes all information of the matched party( partyId, firstName, middleInitial, lastName, domicile, socialSecurityNumber, dob, primAddress1, primAddress2, primCity, primState, primZip, primCountry, emailAddress, emailAddress2, phone, phone2, occupation, associatedPerson, empCountry, empAddress1, empAddress2, empCity, empState, empZip, currentAnnIncome, avgAnnIncome, currentHouseholdIncome, avgHouseholdIncome, householdNetworth, kycStatus, kycDate, amlStatus, amlDate, tags, notes)

Sample Response

  "statusCode": "101",
  "statusDesc": "Ok",
  "partyDetails": [
      "partyId": "P45332",
      "firstName": "John",
      "middleInitial": "D",
      "lastName": "Smith",
      "domicile": "U.S. citizen",
      "socialSecurityNumber": "112-22-3333",
      "dob": "03-24-1972",
      "primAddress1": "PEACHTREE PLACE",
      "primAddress2": "PEACHTREE PLACE",
      "primCity": "Atlanta",
      "primState": "GA",
      "primZip": "30318",
      "primCountry": "USA",
      "emailAddress": "[email protected]",
      "emailAddress2": "[email protected]",
      "phone": "9876543210",
      "phone2": "0123456789",
      "occupation": "DEVELOPER",
      "associatedPerson": "Yes",
      "empCountry": "USA",
      "empAddress1": "PEACHTREE PLACE",
      "empAddress2": "PEACHTREE PLACE",
      "empCity": "Atlanta",
      "empState": "GA",
      "empZip": "30318",
      "currentAnnIncome": "200000",
      "avgAnnIncome": "500000",
      "currentHouseholdIncome": "300000",
      "avgHouseholdIncome": "400000",
      "householdNetworth": "200000",
      "kycStatus": "Pending",
      "amlStatus": "Pending",
      "amlDate": "03-17-2016",
      "tags": "Tags Added",
      "notes": "Notes Added"

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