This method is used to update fields related to a particular individual party record in Transact API. The Party ID must be specified as a request parameter to update the record.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
partyIdyesintegerParty ID that is generated by the API when an individual party is created (createParty)
domicilenoconditionalIs the party a U.S. Citizen, U.S. Resident, or non-resident
firstNamenostringParty's First Name
middleInitialnostringParty's Middle Initial
lastNamenostringParty's Last Name
socialSecurityNumbernostringThe Party's Full SSN ( xxx-xx-xxxx )
dobnostringThe Party's Date of Birth (MM-DD-YYYY)
primCountrynostringThe country in which the Party's physical address resides
primAddress1nostringThe Party's physical address, line 1
primAddress2nostringThe Party's physical address, line 2
primCitynostringThe city of the Party's physical address
primStatenostringParty's residence state ( must be two letter code only ) (It is optional for non-us parties)
primZipnostringZip code
emailAddressnostringParty's contact email address
emailAddress2nostringParty's contact email address
phonenointegerParty's contact phone number
phone2nointegerParty's contact phone number
occupationnostringParty's occupation
associatedPersonnoconditionalYes or No - Is the party associated with a broker dealer?
empCountrynostringEmployer country
empAddress1nostringEmployer address 1
empAddress2nostringEmployer address 2
empCitynostringEmployer city
empStatenostringEmployer state
empZipnostringEmployer zip
empNamenostringEmployer name
invest_tonoconditional0 - I will be investing for myself 1 - I will be investing on behalf of another person or entity"
currentAnnIncomenointegerParty's current annual income
avgAnnIncomenointegerParty's average income over the past 2 years
currentHouseholdIncomenointegerParty's household income
avgHouseholdIncomenointegerParty's average household income
householdNetworthnointegerHousehold net worth
KYCstatusnoconditionalKnow Your Customer(KYC) Status: Pending, Auto Approved, Manually Approved, Disapproved. Default status is "Pending"
AMLstatusnoconditionalAnti-Money Laundering(AML) Status: Pending, Auto Approved, Manually Approved, Disapproved. Default status is "Pending"
AMLdatenostringDate of Anti-Money Laundering(AML) status update from the default "Pending" status
tagsnostringUp to 10 tags, comma separated. Generally completed in the Admin interface or with question-based tag generation
updatedIpAddressnointegerIP Address associated with the createParty method call
notesnostringFree form text for any notes that need to be added to the party
empStatusnoconditionalSelect any one employee status (eg: Employed, Not Employed, Retired, Student)
field1nostringAdditional information relating to the party. Custom Field 1
field2nostringAdditional information relating to the party. Custom Field 2
field3nostringAdditional information relating to the party. Custom Field 3

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST https://api-sandboxdash.norcapsecurities.com/tapiv3/index.php/v3/updateParty
 -d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
 -d clientID=someclientid
 -d partyId=P98542
 -d domicile=U.S. citizen
 -d firstName=John
 -d middleInitial=D
 -d lastName=Smith
 -d socialSecurityNumber=112-22-3333
 -d dob=28-02-1975
 -d primCountry=USA
 -d primAddress1=PEACHTREE PLACE
 -d primAddress2=TREE PLACE
 -d primCity=Atlanta
 -d primState=GA
 -d primZip=30318
 -d [email protected]
 -d [email protected]
 -d phone=11223364585
 -d phone2=9876543210
 -d occupation=Developer
 -d associatedPerson=Yes
 -d invest_to=0
 -d empStatus=Employed
 -d empName=Name
 -d empCountry=USA
 -d empAddress1=PEACHTREE PLACE
 -d empAddress2=PEACHTREE PLACE
 -d empCity=Atlanta
 -d empState=GA
 -d empZip=30318
 -d currentAnnIncome=200000
 -d avgAnnIncome=200000
 -d currentHouseholdIncome=200000
 -d avgHouseholdIncome=200000
 -d householdNetworth=200000
 -d KYCstatus=Pending
 -d AMLstatus=Pending
 -d AMLdate=02-15-2016
 -d tags=tags
 -d updatedIpAddress=
 -d field1=some text
 -d field2=some text
 -d field3=some text
 -d notes=Notes Added

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
partyIdintegerUnique identifier code for the party

Sample Response

	"statusCode": "101",
	"statusDesc": "Ok",
	"partyDetails": [true, [{
		"partyId": "P39944",
		"KYCstatus": "Pending",
		"AMLstatus": "Pending"

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