This method is used to search all accounts for a specific keyword within the account information.

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
searchKeywordyesstringKeyword to search within all accounts

Sample Response

curl -k -X POST
 -d clientID=someclientid
 -d developerAPIKey=somedeveloperkey
 -d searchKeyword=john

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
accountDetailsstringArray of account includes all information of the matched accounts

Response Parameters

  "statusCode": "101",
  "statusDesc": "Ok",
  "accountDetails": [
  "accountId": "A34554",
  "accountName": "john",
  "type": "Individual",
  "entityType": "Revocable Trust",
  "residentType": "domestic account",
  "address1": "First street",
  "address2": "Fourth Avenue",
  "city": "ATLANTA",
  "state": "GA",
  "zip": "43543",
  "country": "USA",
  "phone": "4152323232",
  "taxID": "43543543",
  "kycStatus": "Pending",
  "kycDate": "2016-02-23 13:29:30",
  "amlStatus": "Pending",
  "amlDate": "2016-02-23 13:29:30",
  "suitabilityScore": "5",
  "suitabilityDate": "2016-02-23 13:29:30",
  "suitabilityApprover": "Smith",
  "accreditedStatus": "Pending",
  "accreditedInvestor": "income",
  "accreditedInvestorDate": "02-02-2016",
  "506cLimit": "50000",
  "accountTotalLimit": "1000000",
  "singleInvestmentLimit": "1000",
  "associatedAC": "yes",
  "syndicate": "yes",
  "tags": "real estate",
  "notes": "Offers",
  "approvalStatus": "Pending",
  "approvalPrincipal": "Charles",
  "approvalLastReview": "12-02-2016"

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