This API is used to request a deal/escrow account through North Capital's escrow portal

Request Parameters

clientIDyesstringTransactAPI Client ID
developerAPIKeyyesstringTransactAPI Developer Key
offeringIdyesstringOffering ID generated through createOffering
portalUserContactyesstringEmail address of the user who will be submitting this request
platformNamenostringThe name of the online platform where the offering will be fundraising
legalNameyesstringThe legal name of the issuer of the securities
dealShortNamenostringOptional short name for the deal
offerTypeyesstringRegulation D - 506(b), Regulation D - 506(c), Regulation Crowdfunding, Regulation A+, Regulation S, Side-By-Side
otherExplanationnostringIf offerType is "other" please provide explanation
maximumAmountyesdecimalThe maximum amount that can be raised for the offering
issuerPrimaryContactNameyesstringThe primary contact first and last name for the issuer
issuerPrimaryContactTitleyesstringThe title of the primary contact person
issuerPrimaryContactPhoneyesstringThe primary contact person phone number
issuerPrimaryContactEmailyesstringThe primary contact person email address
issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine1yesstringThe issuer's corporate address line 1
issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine2nostringThe issuer's corporate address line 2
issuerPrimaryCorporateCityyesstringThe issuer's corporate address city
issuerPrimaryCorporateStateyesstringThe issuer's corporate address state, province, or region
issuerPrimaryCorporateZipyesstringThe issuer's corporate address ZIP or postal code
issuerPrimaryCorporateCountryyesstringThe issuer's corporate address country
issuerCompanyStructureyesstringThe company structure of the issuer
issuerStateOfIncorporationyesstringThe company's state/province/region where their company is registered.
fundraisingMinimumAmountRequiredyesstringThe minimum amount that needs to be raised in order for the raise to be successful. If there is not a minimum amount, please indicate so with a '0' minimum
contingencyDatenostringMM-DD-YYYY for which the fundraisingMinimumAmountRequired must be met. If there is no minimum, this question is not required
additionalContingenciesyesstringYes or No - Are there any additional contingencies that must be met in order for this offering to be successful?
additionalContingenciesExplainednostringIf there are additional contingencies, please explain those contingencies in this field
additionalDetailsnostringOptional field to input any other relevant details for this offering
escrowAccountyesstringYes or No - Would you like to open an escrow account for this deal?
linkToOfferingMaterialsyesstringPlease provide a link or indicate where the location of the required due diligence documents
escrowAccountExpirationDatenostringMM-DD-YYYY for optional expiration date. Unless specified, escrow accounts expire 12 months after opening.

Sample Request

curl -k -X POST
-d clientID=GKrQl4m9FZ7rf3H
-d developerAPIKey=U4Msub8Kn7tkjUJ3Dv4F7kGOKyC8NAdRIjC
-d offeringId=25205
-d [email protected]
-d legalName=Ephron
-d offerType=Regulation D - 506(c)
-d maximumAmount=100000
-d issuerPrimaryContactName=Ephron Systems
-d issuerPrimaryContactTitle=Ble
-d issuerPrimaryContactPhone=1234678915
-d [email protected]
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine1=1st floor
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine2=wall street
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateCity=CBE
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateState=TN
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateZip=6547895
-d issuerPrimaryCorporateCountry=IN
-d issuerCompanyStructure=IT
-d issuerStateOfIncorporation=test
-d fundraisingMinimumAmountRequired=0
-d additionalContingencies=Yes
-d escrowAccount=yes
-d linkToOfferingMaterials=sfsfsf

Response Parameters

statusCodestringAPI Status Code
statusDescstringAPI Status Description
offeringDetailsstringDetails of the matched offer array

Sample Response

    "statusCode": "101",
    "statusDesc": "Ok",
    "offeringDetails": [
            "offeringId": "25205",
            "portalUserContact": "[email protected]",
            "platformName": "",
            "legalName": "Ephron",
            "dealShortName": "",
            "offerType": "Regulation D - 506(c)",
            "otherExplanation": "",
            "maximumAmount": "100000",
            "issuerPrimaryContactName": "Ephron Systems",
            "issuerPrimaryContactTitle": "Ble",
            "issuerPrimaryContactPhone": "1234678915",
            "issuerPrimaryContactEmail": "[email protected]",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine1": "1st floor",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateAddressLine2": "wall street",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateCity": "CBE",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateState": "TN",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateZip": "6547895",
            "issuerPrimaryCorporateCountry": "IN",
            "issuerCompanyStructure": "IT",
            "issuerStateOfIncorporation": "test",
            "fundraisingMinimumAmountRequired": "0",
            "contingencyDate": "",
            "additionalContingencies": "Yes",
            "additionalContingenciesExplained": "",
            "additionalDetails": "",
            "escrowAccount": "yes",
            "linkToOfferingMaterials": "sfsfsf",
            "escrowAccountExpirationDate": "",
            "createdDate": "2022-07-25 08:40:30",
            "createdIpAddress": null

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